Genesee Valley System Adminstrator's Guild

What: Introduction to Nagios

Description: If you're not currently monitoring your servers or their services, or if the way you're currently doing it does not quite work, come learn what Nagios can do for you!

This presentation will introduce Nagios and the basic concepts and terminology involved with configuring Nagios. Some basic examples will be provided. If you have already configured Netsaint or Nagios to do monitoring, you will find this presentation to be largely a review. I'm hoping to give people a "leg up" on the learning curve associated with Nagios so that it's easier to go back and implement it successfully.


I am not a Nagios "expert"; I do not "do" monitoring for a living. I have set it up to do a few neat things and I like sharing what I've learned.


Name: Jeff Schaller
Employment: Tenuous employee number 3141 at Global Crossing
Skills/interests: unix and web stuff
Email questions for answering in the presentation to Jeff

When: Date : May 12, 2004

Where: Bryant & Straton, Jefferson Road, Henrietta, New York

We will be retiring to Tully's Sports Bar after the presentation for discussion, libations, networking, scuttle-butt, and generally poking fun at anyone on the radar.