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Lunch on the Loose
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SECURITY Places are announced through the GVSage distribution list. Join to learn where the next LOTL is being held. LINKS

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Technical Conferences | Top

2015 Conferences

October 26-28, 2015


October 28-30, 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Next Economy

November 12-13, 2015, San Francisco, California


December 1-3, 2015, Singapore

2016 Conferences

ISACA, Western New York ISACA

Spring 2016

Mission | Top

GVSAGE is dedicated to furthering the System Administration Profession in the Genesee Valley Area

The goal of GVSAGE is to allow system administrators in the Rochester, New York area a chance to meet on a somewhat regular basis to exchange tips, talk to peers, share experiences and socialize. We hope to provide an informal support network for professional systems administrators, supply some faces to go with names seen on the net, bring in expert speakers on topics of common interest (information security, privacy requirements, IPv6, etc.) and perhaps just have a bit of fun (where else can you tell a joke with the punch line "They spent the rest of the day trying to get gifs from"). 

Who should Join?

(Attend our Next Meeting.)

People who administer computer systems. Traditionally, SAGE has focused on support of UNIX systems, but as environments have grown, Windows NT has been thrust into many UNIX worlds, as UNIX has popped up in Windows NT worlds. Networking provides a common thread across platforms (if you have a single machine with no connections to other machines, this may not be for you).... Additionally, we worry about providing support that scales to larger quantities of machines and users. We search for tools that a person running a single machine may not be interested in. 

We are attempting to fill the role of a SAGE-Local group as defined by the Systems Administrators Guild (SAGE), as part of the USENIX organization. USENIX is best known for the annual USENIX conference, and the annual Large Scale Systems Administration (LISA) conference.  We also participate in local Conferences, Digital Rochester for example.

Many computer issues (privacy, security policies, computer crime, network configuration) will transcend operating systems and may be of interest. Many topics will still apply to you (but some may not interest you). You might want to have one person in your organization join.  Remember, system administration topics normally are of concern no matter what platform you primarily support. 

How to Join | Top

Show up at a meeting! Send me an email! Join the Mailing list! 

We (intentionally!-) have no charter, no bylaws, and no membership dues. We decided that until/unless the running of this group became more of an official operation, we could get along just fine informally. Mail (Steve Tylock) and let him know that you are interested, and if you will be coming to the next meeting (generally held during the evening on the second Wednesday of the month). 

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Meeting Info | LotL | Top

The options are to meet us during a Lunch on the Loose (LotL), or during our monthly meetnigs.

Date: The fourth Wednesday of the month
Time: noonish
Place:  Chen's Garden
Address: 1750 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618
Phone: 585-241-3070
Directions: On Monroe just North of Twelve Corners

Announced through the GVSage distribution list. Join to learn where the next LOTL is being held.

Bring  a topic of interest, a favorite tip or a favorite URL.

Historical Meeting Places

Bryant & Straton, Jefferson Road, Henrietta New York
Chen's Garden, Brighton, New York
Quimby's, Winton Road, Henrietta, New York

Agenda | Top

We rarely have a set agenda, and depending on the venu, some eat, some sit, some stand, some drink, while sitting or standing...depending. We mainly meet to talk about our jobs as system and network administrators. Topics in the past have included. (but have not been limited to...)
  • PGP Overheads
  • System Monitoring 
  • Service Level Agreements
  • System Security 
  • Chain Letters, Spam, and E-mail Abuse
  • Storage systems
  • Networking

LotL Venu's | TOP


Informal, We won't try to get everyone at the same table, but sit in 3s and 4s as able. ;)


See the list of places we have been. Join us this week at our current venu

The Full Belly Deli | Map
Cerame's Italian Villa
Chens Garden, 1750 Monroe Avenue
Ciaccia Imports
Desert Moon Cafe
Parkside Diner
Pita Pit, The
Uncle Danny's Family Restaurant
Wegmans Pittsford
Wilshire Catering & Restaurant

Lots of other fun stuff will be happening as well.

See the article Steve Tylock wrote for Login Magazine. Bear in mind, the article is about 10 MB in size and in Microsoft Word format. 

The GVSAGE Support Squad
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